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 Anabolic Recovery
Scientifically Advanced Post-Workout Recovery & Muscle Building Formula
BN's Anabolic Recovery has been formulated by nutritional scientists in line with the latest research into post-workout supplementation and is thus bio-engineered to assist you in enhancing recovery and supporting your "anabolic drive" for maximum post-workout muscle hypertrophy.

BN's Anabolic Recovery has been formulated with Waxy Maize Starch (WMS) for fast and efficient delivery of glucose polymers through the digestive tract to restore muscle glycogen stores faster and more effectively than traditional carbohydrate sources, facilitating optimal muscle recovery.

The incorporation of a proprietary blend of rapidly absorbed, cell volumizing, hypertrophy supporting free form amino acids, including L-Glutamine, BCAAs, Taurine and L-Arginine complements WMS's fast action for rapid delivery of anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients into the blood, re-fueling depleted muscles with the nutrients they need for optimal recovery and enhanced post-workout muscle growth.

BN's Anabolic Recovery is furtther engineered with Kre-Alkalyn®, the only multi-patented "pH-protected" creatine in the world, and a supporting insulin potentiating complex. Together this advanced technology ensures that the creatine molecule is not only protected from stomach acids but is rapidly delivered to muscle cells along with other key substrates, thereby maximizing the cell volumizing, anabolic properties of this advanced formulation.

Last but not least, the important anti-oxidants - vitamins C and E, are incorporated for the important role they play in combating exercise induced free radicals and in so doing helping to minimize muscle tissue damage, reduce post-training muscle soreness and speed recovery. Get ready to take your recovery and post-workout muscle hypertrophy to the next level with BN's Anabolic Recovery
Waxy Maize Starch Loads Key Anabolic Agents
Supersaturates Depleted Muscles With Anabolic Nutrients Triggering Rapid Post-Workout Hypertrophy
Incorporates Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine - The Worlds Only Creatine that Doesn't Lose Potency Before Reaching Muscle
Anti-Oxidants Scavenge Exercise Induced Free Radicals, Minimizing Muscle Tissue Damage, Reducing Post-Training Muscle Soreness & Accelerating Recovery
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